about us:

R.A.D. naturally means Rino, Andy & David. But it is not only that, at the same time it means “Rock And Deserve”! Deserve the Rock you are playing, let your soul and passion come out, sing as if it was the last gig in your life! Put Jazz, Blues, Classic, HipHop, Metal in it… wrap everything in Rock and give all for the people listening to you!
Everybody who saw R.A.D. live on stage knows that this is true: Rino Cavalli, an extremely versatile drummer, on stage since more than 25 years and passionated teacher, plays any kind of music, from Jazz to Metal. Andy De Santis, singer and bassguitar, has performed (and still does) Robert Plant, Ian Gillan, Glenn Hughes, David Coverdale or Freddy Mercury, just to list a few. David Altieri, guitar and vocals, is maybe the most representative spot within the newest generation musicians, the ones you must see to believe! In fact, beyond shredding he mixes classical athmospheres with pure power rhythms! In summary, the three guys met to play a highly addictive sound, where you can find Stevie Wonder, Foo Fighters, Mr. Big, but also Deep Purple, Elton John, Muse or Red Hot Chili Peppers. Everything arranged and played as trio, with great passion!

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